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Blackjack is probably the most popular casino game and has the
best chance for a good player to make some money from online casinos.
A skilled player with the right blackjack system can equal the house odds.
Each month we recommend the best casinos we have found for playing the game.

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SunPalace Casino - Great selection of table games and modern slots.  recommended
5 Dimes Casino - Live online casino dealers catering to US players.

UK blackjack casinos BEST UK and EURO ONLINE CASINOS

32 RED - Microgaming games including big progressive jackpot games. - Over 1000 videoslots and table games at this megasite. 
Supercasino - Play live roulette on Sky TV and FIVE with real dealers.
Paddy Power Casino - Popular UK and Irish site with casino and sports betting.
BetVICTOR Live Casino - Victor Chandler casino provides live blackjack online.  recommended

USA blackjack casinos Number 1 rated online blackjack casino for US players.

Sun Palace

sunpalace roulette and blackjack

Gamble securely at this fully licensed online casino from the Mainstreet Gaming group
Gaming results are determined by Random Number Generators on independent servers.
- Play all games for free or gamble for real money
- Over 100 online casino table games and casino slots games.
- Casino Rewards club with Complimentary points and Cashback.
TABLE GAMES AND VIDEOSLOTS including Progressive Jackpots..

USA blackjack casinos  ENTER Sun Palace

(Casino currency is US dollars)


The Sun Palace Casino
offers over 100 games with new games made available on a regular basis. All the classic casino games are here including including: Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Multihand videopoker, craps, baccarat, Caribbean poker, Tri-Card Poker, 3 reel Slots, 5 reel Bonus Slots , Keno and other fun virtual games.

Many of the casino games are also available with a progressive jackpot, where 1 player has a chance to win the a huge jackpot that constantly increases and is available to all players playing the same game. Once the prize has been won the jackpot is reset to the minimum level and starts to increase all over again - Progressive jackpots can often reach $1 million or more !!

beat blackjack  Beat Blackjack


VegasStrip Blackjack , PerfectPairs Blackjack , Euro Rules Blackjack
Progressive Jackpot Blackjack

Blackjack is most players favorite cards game at a casino . It is simple to learn and offers the player great odds - often the best odds in the casino if the player plays without making a mistake.
Good strategy blackjack leaves the casino with only a tiny house edge - less than 0.4% so it is almost like a coin flip.
Many players choose to play using a doubling up method, to try and ride the natural streaks that occur.

The key to good blackjack play is knowing when to double or split.
A player can 'double down' - doubling their bet on the condition that they receive only one more card. Splitting is where the player can separate 2 cards of the same number and play 2 different hands with a new bet of the same size
It is advantageous to do this, when the dealer has a bad card and is likely to bust.
eg if the player has a 10 and the dealer has a 7 then it is worthwhile doubling.
The chances of getting a 10 in blackjack is pretty high so there is a good chance the player will end up with 20, or the the dealer will end up with 17 - where they must stand.

Doubling down and Splitting enables a player to maximize their chances to equal the house odds and you should always double or split whenever it is worthwhile to do so.
Generally when the player has 9,10,A and the dealer has a lower card.

Blackjack also allows the player to change strategy at any time - some players like to play a double up game, where they double the bet if they win and hope for a 3 or 4 game winning streak, which can pay off bigtime with a bit of luck. Many players also like to bet low until they lose a few games in a row, then bet big for the next few games - in the hope that their tide is about to turn..

BLACKJACK - common beginners mistakes.

The biggest mistake new players make is hitting until they have at least 17.
Remember - The player can stand at any time and it is important to consider the dealers card and figure out if they have a bigger chance of busting. The dealer has to keep hitting until they have at least 17 - they don't just have to beat your card.
So if you have 14 and the dealer has a 5 - then stand. The dealer is pretty likely to bust - 15 isn't good enough to beat you.

If the dealer has 4,5 or 6 then the dealer is very likely to bust.
These are known as blackjack busting cards, and it is a good chance to double or split whenever you can take advantage of the dealers bad cards.
On the other hand, it is possible to use the splitting rules to get rid of a players bad hand.
eg If the player has 2 Eights, then it is best to split. 2 hands of Eight are better than 1 hand of 16, which is likely to bust next card.

SOFT 17 in Blackjack

Most new players hear that you should ALWAYS stand on 17. But soft 17 (with an ace) is something different. The ace can count as one, so you will never go bust next hand.
With a soft 17 the player should always hit and try to improve their hand, unless the dealer has 3,4,5 or 6 , in which case you should double (the dealer has a high chance of busting)


This is a side bet to 'insure' against a dealers blackjack, when the dealer shows an ace
You can bet half your main bet again with 2:1 odds against the dealer making blackjack - ie getting a ten as the next card.
Beginners often take insurance - particularly the 'Even money' version to safeguard a players blackjack.
Insurance is highly profitable odds for the house, except in one situation - when the remainder of the deck is high in tens as noted by card counters. Because online casinos generally shuffle their cards after every hand this situation cannot be calculatedy.
Basically - Always refuse insurance.

Practice blackjack and other games for free - or play for real money..

play blackjack online Sun Palace - ALL US PLAYERS ACCEPTED

ALL SLOTS online casino

Euro, Canada.


One of the best online casinos we have seen yet, utilizing Microgaming Software.
Note - US players can no longer play here.

You can play blackjack, roulette, slots and other traditional casino favorites at this popular casino.
The casino is independently audited with a certified overall return rate of 97% last year, one of the highest of all the online casinos.

ALL SLOTS Casino - Best casino games online.

The casino offers its players lots of gaming variety, nice graphics and frequent player competitions.

Games available to play:

Over 500 popular online casino games are available for players to choose from including favorites like:
Blackjack - Top quality online blackjack tables with las vegas odds. The new Blackjack Gold games are also available with a more sophisticated casino feel and improved graphics and sound effects.
Caribbean Stud Poker - With a big progressive jackpot.
Online video slot machines - including 15 huge progressive jackpot machines linked to other casinos.
Videopoker betting games
Roulette, keno,craps and other table and card games, including variations..
50 and 100 hand power poker games with huge jackpots possible.

european roulette   wheel of wealth bonus slot
Classic table games and modern videoslots make for a superb selection.
New casino games are added every month..
Try the new multiplayer roulette with the onscreen chat.

multihand blackjack   atlantic blackjack

Over 20 blackjack games are available, including multi-hand games, and 'gold' standard games with the highest standards of graphics and sounds, including smooth animations and high quality samples. Our favourite is Redeal European Blackjack where you can replace dealer and player cards up to 5 times for a price determined by the chances of winning. Great for tipping the odds in your favour, at the price of a smaller overall win.
You can pop up a strategy table at any time for perfect play.
This casino is excellent at providing a real casino atmosphere so often lacking with online gambling. The downloadable software has great graphics, cool background music and nice casino sounds which allow the player to get into the mood of the games.

Rewards and Bonus features
New 'real money' players are eligible to receive a 100% welcome bonus with their first deposit. Like all internet casinos, any cash bonus given away free for promotion purposes must be gambled at least once before you can withdraw it. More rewards are possible once you become a real player. All players are automatically enrolled into a player rewards program. This program provides players with the ability to earn further casino credits - $5000 worth of chips are randomly given away weekly to real players. There is also a current lottery to give away a BMW.


For security purposes, the casino is independently audited by one of the top 5 accounting firms. This is pretty much a standard these days for any respectable internet casino and 97% average payout rates were certified returned to players last year.
The casino is one of several operated by Brightshare Ltd, one of the largest and most established online casino operators since 1996.

MicroGaming provides one the most realistic and thrilling online gaming software around. As the software provider for all Brightshare casinos, the re-designed package is a high-tech software system that delivers maximum performance and an excellent gaming entertainment. The games are guaranteed to provide all the action, glitz, and grandeur of Las Vegas, wrapped up in one of the smallest and fastest software packages in the online casino industry. The size of software package has moved from 17Mb to only 1.79Mb, which means it's faster to download and the program takes up less system resources. You download individual games as required according to your preferences.

This new software provides a great selection of classic and modern slots games including: Other unique reel slots games include:

Cash Withdrawals:
There is no charge to make pay-ins or withdrawals, and your winnings are delivered worldwide, within 10 days by FedEx.

This casino is a lot of fun for playing blackjack and other casino card games, with great odds available. The dealers voiceover is a nice touch.
They also have some big jackpot progressive slots if you fancy trying for one of the big slot jackpots..
Live 24/7 customer support, game quality and variety, and the nice graphics and casino atmosphere make this casino highly recommended.
And you can turn off the background sounds and music if it's not your thing :-)

uk casino

Euro, Austrian and Canadian Players welcome.

Download the casino package and play blackjack for free, or for real cash.
(no US players)

play casino

( American Gamblers - Try Sun Palace for a casino that accepts US players. )

Other good casinos:




Quick Facts:

- Trusted 3rd Party Real Time Gaming Software - includes Real Series Slots.
- Mainstreet Gaming Group - Fully Licensed in Europe and Costa Rica
- Over 100 top quality casino games including fast action roulette and blackjack
- Trusted 3rd Party Real Time Gaming Software - includes Real Series Slots.
- Better-than- Las-Vegas odds - 97-99%
- 24-7 live online support team and free international lines.
- Fast Payouts and secure banking
- High security and player privacy
- Free matching bonus for new casino players
- Generous Loyalty program for regular players.
- Play is in US dollars, with auto conversion of other currencies.
- 45 US states accepted Get up to $500 dollars free, depending on your initial deposit.

Regular weekly bonus offers up to 100% of deposit.
Loyalty comps for regular Players.

update - Casinos with Live Dealers.

Looking for a live blackjack game you can trust?

Try the new live blackjack tables at Betsafe..
The cards are even shuffled live on webcam..


is a online casino reflecting the fun and excitement of a modern style Vegas casino.
The gambling software includes NET-ENT, MICROGAMING and PLAYTECH - some of the biggest and most popular 3rd party gaming companies, and you can be sure the games are secure, The gaming results are provided by a random number generators on 3rd party servers, with frequent professional audits to ensure the RNG is generating odds comparable or better than Las Vegas Standards.
A great selection of slot machines and table games are on offer -
The European Blackjack and Las Vegas Strip blackjack games have some of the best odds for players online, with only a 0.37% house edge.
Just added recently is a popular new feature which really adds a lot to this software:


The new live gambling games add a huge amount of fun and atmosphere, and it won't be long before this feature is standard at nearly all casinos.
Playing against other players brings the online casino experience so much closer to real life. There are 16 different blackjack tables with different stakes accomodating every type of player.
You can switch between the tables at any time if you prefer a popular table or a faster table with only a few players.
The blackjack cams are fast and clear, and the games are played with bigger cards than normal for added visibility. As the dealer pulls a card from the rack, it is passed over a scanner which instantly updates the results on screen..
The dealers are mostly very polite and attractive girls, who welcome you to the tables and congratulate you after a good win. You can chat to the other players at your table also.

LIVE ONLINE BLACKJACK - Also available are several other popular casino games including Live Roulette, Baccarat, and Live Keno.
Of course all the other standard casino games are available to play at GoldenPalace - from bonus and progressive slots to powerplay videopoker.
Great fun and highly recommended - The live games really add an element of trust to the games as you can see every move clearly.


Note- If you are looking for an even wider range of live dealer games, we recommended the VictorBet live casino, with 4 different providers.


uk blackjack  Supercasino - Recommended LIVE TV STYLE CASINO for UK players.

Play Live Roulette with real TV presenters and an informal atmosphere. The games are broadcast from a real London studio in central London and can be watched on UK Channel FIVE each night, and also on their own SKY Channel. Games are also streamed online.
The live blackjack games can only be played online. 7 individual positions are available at each table, with real players taking turns to play just like in a real casino.


As it is a UK based TV format site, you get cheesy banter between presenters which can make the games a lot more entertaining than just playing virtual blackjack or roulette in a typical online casino.

Supercasino - LIVE TV CASINO for UK players. Fully licensed and regulated in Great Britain.
Live games that you can really trust. You can also play virtual games and slots from Playtech and IGT.

VC live casino

UK UK EU  Victor Chandler Live Dealer Casino - VC casino provides high quality live dealers online.
Players can also bet on sports, or play poker or instant casino games and videoslots.
The SpinRoom offers all the latest games and classic machines including Star Trek, Dark Knight, Siberian Storm , Kitty Glitter and Rainbow King.

live blackjack game

A wide range of live dealer tables are available at Victor Chandler, including high and low limit tables, with UK, Asian and European live studios. Live gambling with high quality live streaming - probably the smoothest online with excellent picture quality for broadband connections. You can easily switch between different viewpoints at any time, or choose the auto-zoom option which shows a close-up of the wheel as the ball slows down.

Regular 'virtual' table games are also found in the casino section, with results powered by a verified random number generator, which is independently audited for accuracy.
These games play a lot faster, if you like to get in a lot of hands.

double xposure bj

There is a nice version of Double Exposure BJ by Net Entertainment, where the dealers cards are both shown face up. You can adjust your strategy accordingly, sticking a lot more than usual when the dealer has a good chance to bust, and also splitting tens when the dealer has a 15 or 16.
In order to compensate for this huge player advantage, pushes are counted as a loss and not a draw.
But this is still one of the highest paying games in the casino, with almost 50-50 odds.

london live dealers

BV GRAND - One of the live studios at Bet Victor, this is the place to be if you like friendly and chatty dealers. Talkative local English dealers with lots of friendly banter, provide a change in atmosphere from the elegant female dealers at the other live tables.
BetVictor now provides 4 different live casinos with different styles and atmospheres.
Including the fastest live blackjack online - the same speed as in a real casino.
Check out the new Party Blackjack if you like a fun and entertaining table.

Live Blackjack online

The Live dealer blackjack has low and high limit tables, and professional dealers.
Bet from £5 a hand on the regular tables or up to £15000 on the high roller tables.
UK and European players only.



SunPalace Casino - Over 100 games including Vegas Strip blackjack.
5 Dimes Casino - Live dealer casino that accepts American players.


32 RED - Wide range of Microgaming games with Mega Moolah jackpot. - The biggest range of online MG slots and table games.
BetVictor Live Casino - Victor Chandler casino offers live dealers online.

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